Center for Contemporary Art – Promoting Art and Upcoming Artists

The Center for Contemporary Art, also known as the Soros Center for Contemporary Art or SCCA, is located in the district of Podil, in Kiev. It is an extremely old part of the city and this adds nostalgia and history to the gallery which is housed in a building that dated back to the XVIIIth century. The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts has become one of the most significant art galleries in Ukraine and upholds its quest to showcase the biggest and upcoming artists in the country.

George Soros opened the Center for Contemporary Arts as a branch of the internationally known SCCA in the year 1993. It is a Ukrainian art gallery that is determined to influence new talents and to encourage undiscovered artists to exhibit their work. The Center for Contemporary Art not only targets the artists but tries to instill the desire of personalized projects, exhibitions and showcases to the professional world of agencies and other art galleries in Ukraine. It is a gallery unlike any other Ukrainian art gallery, as it strives to strengthen the bond between members of the art industry, in their various forms, and assist them to build up repute and contact network between each other. The Soros Center of Contemporary Art hopes that by introducing the various divisions of the art industry they would be able to assist one another in joint exhibitions and different projects.

By exhibiting various styles and forms of art, the Center of Contemporary Art is able to broaden the imagination of the public, introduce new expressions of art and influence the interaction of the public with the art community. The gallery also continues its mission in the education of the public and remains focused on the research of new avenues of exposure of contemporary art to the visitor. Changing exhibitions or visiting exhibitions ensure that the gallery always has something fresh and exciting to share with the art community and gallery visitors. This has led to the introduction of many famous artists such as Vassily Tsagolov, who exhibited his work in the gallery in 2001, and the showcasing of Sergey Bratkov’s work in 2002. The Center for Contemporary Art relies on donations that are received from individuals and businesses which enable them to realize the dreams of many aspiring artists and bring art to the youth and future artists.

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