Folk Architecture and Life Museum – Outdoor Museum of Structures

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, or Pyrohovo, is situated near to the village of Pirogov in Ukraine. It is a definite must-see if you are in the area or if you are staying in the capital city Kiev, which is just thirty minutes away. The family will love the outdoor museum and it will keep you entertained for the whole day.

The Architecture and Life Museum is basically a village that is made up of a variety of buildings, all originals. These buildings have been taken from different regions around the country and have been placed here for all to see. These buildings include structures like churches, windmills and farm buildings from each traditional region. They were built using clay, wood and grass for the roofs. The structures have been placed in specific areas and laid out according to the region they belong to, so in a way the museum is like a number of villages clustered together.

Each building that you come up to has been furnished exactly as you would have found it traditionally between the 16th and 19th century. You can take a tour inside and view how people in Ukraine have lived and what technologies were available to them at that point. You will also see people walking around wearing traditional clothing, really giving you and your family an authentic Ukraine experience where you can see what the old Ukrainian culture and lifestyle was like.

You can see now why it would be worthwhile to spend a day at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. It would be a good idea to bring your walking shoes if you are going to get around the whole of the museum comfortably. But don’t let that scare you, it really is a lot of fun and the family will learn much about Ukraine and the people who live there. When you feel a bit tired and your are keen for a nibble, then stop off at one of the many picnic sites available to visitors. There are also a number of cafés where you can buy something to eat and drink if you have nothing with you.

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