Events and Festivities in Ukraine

Any visitor to Ukraine will be able to see that the inhabitants of this beautiful country have a strong sense of culture. Their national identity is reflected in their language, dress, customs, architecture and celebrations. Often the best time to discover Ukrainian culture is during the many festive events that are held in this country throughout the year.

The people of Ukraine regularly observe several public holidays and festivals. Taras Shevchenko Day, which takes place on the 9th of March, is one example. This public holiday honors the birth of the famous 19th century poet Tara Schevchenko. Then there is Ukrainian Day which is celebrated on January 22nd. The event commemorates the day that Ukraine was made a free republic in 1918. Ukrainian Independence Day is celebrated on August 24th and is the anniversary of the declaration of independence which occurred on the same day in 1991. These days are typically celebrated in a variety of ways – usually with riots of color and plenty of festivity.

Ukraine also enjoys a number of public holidays. New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Woman’s Day, Victory Day and Labor Day are enjoyed by young and old alike. But these are not the only events which the Ukrainian public enjoy. There are many musical and theatrical events as well as shows and other festivals which take place in various parts of the country on a regular basis. Over time, we hope to eventually list as many of these events as possible. If you know of any events which we have overlooked, please feel free to email us and inform us about it. Your assistance will help us to make this into one of the largest listings of Ukrainian events on the Internet.

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