Gallery 36 – A Collection of European Art and Sculptures

There are many excellent art galleries in Ukraine that are worth visiting. Kiev is a city of culture and life and you should certainly take the time to browse at least one or two art galleries while you visiting this magnificent city. However, making that choice may not be quite so easy since there really is a huge variety of art galleries in Ukraine to choose from. Usually, the best way to start minimizing your choices is to try to determine what kind of art you enjoy the most. Do you prefer sculpture, paintings or ceramics; modern art or older art? Asking yourself questions such as these will go a long way to making your art gallery tour an enjoyable one.

Gallery 36 in Ukraine is not a bad place to start. It features a combination of paintings and sculptures, which means that it generally appeals to a wider audience. Unlike many other galleries, Gallery 36 does not feature artworks by artists from outside of Europe. Instead Gallery 36 prefers to focus on art created by Ukrainian, Russian and other European artists. This means that you will be able to enjoy the distinctly European flavor of the artworks and learn more about the many different artists who created them. One example is that of Serhiy Savchencko who has enjoyed having quite a few displays at Gallery 36. Born in August, 1972 in Lviv, Savchencho started pursuing his art career early in life. In 1991 he was able to graduate from the Lviv Decorative and Applied Art College and 1998 he furthered his qualifications when he graduated from the Lviv Academy of Art. He has since enjoyed numerous exhibitions across the country and many of the country’s top galleries. Savchencho is just one example of the excellent artists whose artworks are often put on display at Gallery 36.

Gallery 36 is located at 36 Andriyivsky Uzviz in Kiev and is relatively easy to find. The gallery is open between 11:00 and 18:00 on weekdays and weekends. The only exception to this is on Mondays when the gallery is closed. Art galleries in Kiev are often closed on Mondays as employees have such long hours to work on the weekends. So visit Gallery 36 and discover a whole new world of paintings and sculpture.

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