Artist Union Galleries – Local Artists Showcase their Amazing Talents

Art is a language easily understood by all individuals who appreciate true talent and creativity.

The Artist Union galleries in Ukraine are a must to view when traveling through Ukraine since they are of the highest standards. So why not wonder around these Artists Union galleries for a real treat in a stunning array of art and creativity.

The Ukraine Artists Union Galleries feature amazing works of art from local artists. They have received much recognition over the years and have become widely known internationally for their wonderful variety of artistic expressions that would intrigue a wide range of individuals.

The most amazing art is exhibited in all forms of paintings and drawings from sculptures to graphic arts. You will also appreciate the conventional works in the field of easel painting and graphics.

Art galleries in Ukraine are playing a larger role in exhibiting new works to the public. A variety of works can be purchased from Ukrainian art galleries, and taking the time to view art works from the past and present will give you a wonderful insight into the perceptions of Ukraine’s people and a deeper understanding of the culture.

Over the years the Union galleries of Artists have put together a collection that is exquisite. The galleries exhibit wonderful works by famous artists. Some of these found in Kiev are:

  • Ukrainian women – Gallery Lavra
  • 10 years of Ukraine Independence – Union of Ukraine Artists
  • The world of guardians – Union of Artists of the Ukraine
  • 185 years from the Shevchenko birthday – Union of Ukraine Artists
  • Ukrainian Triennale of painting – Union of Ukraine Artists
  • Holy and Eternal on the Earth – Gallery Gryphon – Soviart
  • Ukraine in Ukraine – Gallery Lavra
  • Personal – Gallery Gryphon

All of the above are a true exploration of artistic pleasure and delight. While in Kiev it is an absolute must for viewing.

The Artist Union Galleries of the Ukraine is a highlight for all to enjoy and experience. There is definitely something for everyone, whatever your taste, you will find it here!

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