Kiev Rail Terminal – Vital Transportation Hub in Kiev

The Kiev Rail Terminal or Kiev Passenger Railway Station has become an important part of the Kiev transportation network within the city. It is significant as it accommodates long distance travel, international travel and has the Elekrichka trains available to reach short distance destinations. It was constructed due to the Kiev-Balta and the Kiev-Kursk railway lines being built. Construction on the Kiev Rail Terminal started in 1868 and was eventually completed by 1870.

In 1877, the Kiev Passenger Railway Station suffered great damage during a fire, leaving the building in desperate need of reconstruction. New plans were drawn up and projects were put in place for the needed repairs, but the wooden structure that was completed in 1908, as a temporary station was used for much longer than anticipated. Architect O. M. Verbytskyi was assigned the task of designing the new building for the Kiev Rail Terminal and construction started in 1927. By 1932, the terminal was completed and stood as a landmark to the Ukrainian Baroque architectural style.

A new innovation, an underground passage, was added during the years 1945 to 1955, which connects the Kiev Passenger Railway Station and its platforms, to the Railway Square. This made access to the station easier for travelers. Another vital structure was erected between 1967 and 1969, being the first shed to cover a platform. The vestibule of the Kiev Rail Terminal received attention during reconstruction from 1978 to 1980. The year 2001 was quite a busy year for the railway station in Kiev, as the older buildings were restored and renovated and the Southern Vokzal as constructed near the main building.

The Kiev Rail Terminal is a complex consisting of railways, terminals and passenger services. Passengers and travelers will be able to purchase tickets at the terminal, make use of luggage space services, check rooms, porters, passenger lounges, waiting rooms, clothes ironing services, hairdressers, public telephones, fax services and mail services. News stands and food stands can provide travelers with the latest news and a bite to eat.

Despite all its extensions and reconstruction, the Kiev Rail Terminal will need to continue developing in order to keep pace with the increasing number of passengers making use of trains for transport, as well as to deal with the large amount of cargo being transported this way.

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