Theatre Koleso – Humorous Productions Based on Ukrainian Folklore

Almost everyone enjoys a good comedy. Whether it takes the form of a movie or a stage production, a good comedy can brighten up your night and even keep you laughing for days afterwards. Well, if you enjoy comedies then you should definitely spend an evening at the Theatre Koleso. This great Café-Theatre in Kiev is very popular with the locals. The audiences are usually quite laid back and in a good mood, the food is pretty decent and the entertainment is phenomenal.

Café-Theatre Koleso is located at Andriivskyi uzviz 8 in the magnificent city of Kiev. It is here, amongst the grand buildings that are tributes to the past and present, that you will find a small but popular theatre. The theatre building is painted in brick red and creamy white – giving it a distinct and familiar feel. The name of the theatre is posted in bold brick-red lettering above the doorway and between the windows you will find display boxes informing passersby of past, present and future attractions at the theatre. If you are not sure whether or not you want to give the theatre a try, taking a walk past these display boxes can go a long way to helping you make up your mind. Filled with interesting photographs of what happens inside the theatre’s walls, they can really give you a strong feel for exactly what sort of thing you can expect during one of the theatre’s performances.

Of course most of the Koleso Theatre’s productions are in Ukrainian, so it helps if you at least understand a bit of the language. In fact, so much of what is available in Ukraine is in Ukrainian that it might be worth your time to spend a short while taking lessons in basic Ukrainian. What makes the Café-Theatre Koleso’s productions particularly enjoyable is that it’s humorous productions invite audience participation. Many of the productions are also based on local folklore, giving visitors interesting insight in the culture of Ukraine. Tickets may cost between 20 and 50 Hr and seats are often booked out for good productions. So start making arrangements now to enjoy a night at the Café-Theatre Koleso – you wont regret it.

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