Boryspil – Exploring the Hometown of Football Hero, Ruslan Bidnenko

The city began as a humble settlement back in 1154, but it was not until 1590 that it received its present name of ‘Boryspil’. Interestingly, it has only been referred to as a city for a relatively short time, receiving its city status in 1956. Today the city of Boryspil is located within the province of the Kiev Oblast in the north of Ukraine. It also functions as an administrative center for the district of the Boryspilskyi Raion.

The area supports a current population of over 53,400 people which steadily increases as every year passes. Boryspil is renowned for its football player ‘Ruslan Bidnenko’ who is worth 2.2 million pounds and plays for FC Dynamo Kiev. This gives the little city an added boost when it comes to advertising and making it known to people although he no longer lives there.

Ukraine’s main airport is that of ‘Boryspil International Airport’, which located thirty kilometers from the city center. In the surrounding areas you will also find some light industry that also takes place close by. Because of this, Kyiv Oblast has become renowned as a junction for major air communication and one which has to be increased regularly. There is however another smaller airport known as the Zhuliany-Kiev which deals primarily with domestic flights and this can be located about seven kilometers from the city center. Something that must be noted is that all documents you receive on a domestic flight must be kept safely away as once you decide to leave the country you will be required to produce them. However, should you arrive into the country through the Boryspil International Airport and wish to go to ‘downtown’ Kiev, the easiest will be by taxi. Again, if you’re not fluent in Russian or Ukrainian it will be advised that you have your destination written down as the drivers are not normally fluent in English.

Indeed, you are certain to have a wonderful break in the city of Boryspil.

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