United States Embassy in Ukraine

The United States Embassy was first established in Ukraine on the 22nd of January 1992. Today the U.S Embassy in Kiev employs about 175 Americans and about 350 Ukrainians to ensure that all the embassy's agencies and departments run smoothly. The Embassy has a number of sections within it. The Executive section, or office, is where the Ambassador, the Deputy Chief of Mission and office staff are situated. The Executive office handles an array of protocol issues as well as supervising and coordinating all USG employees and programs taking place in Ukraine.

The Consul General, Landon Taylor, runs the Consular section, which provides necessary services to both American and Ukrainian citizens. This section of the United States Embassy gives assistance to Americans traveling or living in Ukraine. The Consular section assists Ukrainian citizens wanting to apply for a visa to work, study or visit the United States. If you would like to contact the Consular Section you can phone (+38-0444) 490-4445 or 490-4422, or you can fax (+38-044) 490-4040. Their e-mail address is [email protected].

The Management Section of the U.S Embassy provides a number of services to the US Mission in Kyiv, which represents a number of agencies. This section of the Embassy also looks after and maintains the Chancery compound, annexes, residential properties, warehouse and the Marine Security Guard house. The Economic Section looks after all the U.S economic and trade relations that it has with Ukraine. This section tracks the U.S policy objectives in the economic sphere and works with Ukrainian officials, international organizations and private and corporate Ukrainian citizens.

The General Services Office in the United States Embassy provides a number of services, like the acquiring of supplies, providing maintenance and office-building leases for the U.S Embassy in Kiev. The Office of Defense Cooperation works closely with the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine. The Political Section’s main objective is to support the United States and Ukrainian bilateral ties, to promote democratization of Ukrainian society and to support Ukraine’s amalgamation into Euro-Atlantic and European structures.

The Public Affairs Section oversees one of the biggest State Department public diplomacy programs in the world and looks after and supports the independent media. The Regional Security Office has the large task of looking after all the security for the Embassy and for the mission personnel. The Law Enforcement Section provides all the necessary information for legal issues that pertain to any international crime activities.

The United States Embassy is located on 6 Mykoly Pymonenka Street, Kyiv, 01901, Ukraine. Office hours for the United States Embassy are 9:00 am to 12:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The Consular Section however does deal with any emergencies that may take place throughout the week. For 24-hour emergency calls you can phone the Embassy at (+38 044) 490-4000. (Contact details subject to change)

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