Plastic Drama Theatre – Combining Art and Performance

The Plastic Drama Theatre on Pecherske has the unique distinction of being the only professional theatre of this particular genre in Ukraine. The theatre was created on 30 December 1988 by the director, producer and artistic leader Mikhaylovn ‘Faith’ Mishneva. The creative idea behind the drama is that of using a nonverbal means of communicating the emotional and spiritual life of man. Thus, other mediums such as music, dance and ‘language plastics’ are usually used. This gives the theatrical productions hosted at the Plastic Drama Theatre a universal appeal since you do not have to understand any particular language in order to enjoy them.

What is really interesting about the productions at the Plastic Drama Theatre in Ukraine is the way that such simplistic elements can be combined to accurately paint pictures of fantasies, dreams, recollections, desires, temptations, impulses, passions and spiritual experiences. Without a single word being spoken, the audience can be taken on a journey that is both moving and memorable. The majority of these productions are ‘written’ in conjunction with the actors since the artistic expressions of the characters must be experimented with before they can be properly used. Often the theatre makes use of pantomimes, free motion, masks and set decoration to further explain what is happening to the characters involved. The use of objects as symbols is an integral part of the theatrical style and is widely employed.

Much has changed since the Plastic Drama Theatre in Kiev originally opened. In 1994 the theatre received state recognition for the high level of professionalism employed in its theatrical productions. In 1997, it was able to move to a new building at 7a Shovkovichna Street where it is still located today. The current theatre can seat approximately fifty people and the theatre may employ between three and ten actors for a given performance. The small studio is used to train approximately five actors at a time in the art of ‘plastic drama’. Since opening at the new premises, a number of productions have been staged. Some of these include plastic drama versions of legendary greats such as Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Tickets may cost between 15 and 20 Hr and they usually sell out fast, so book your seat now and enjoy a performance at the legendary Plastic Drama Theatre in Ukraine.

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