Embassy of the United Kingdom in Ukraine

The Embassy of the United Kingdom has many responsibilities and services that it manages every day. It was founded in Ukraine as a consulate in Kiev after Ukraine gained its independence in 1991. In the year 1992, the Consulate became the Embassy of the United Kingdom after which Ukraine established their own embassies in London and in Edinburgh. Today, the Embassy of the U.K. maintains relations with Ukraine, and is significant in regard to defense, political matters, the media, public services and affairs and complete consulate services.

The Embassy of the U.K. in Ukraine assists in promoting peace in Ukraine and in Europe and uses its Defense Attaché and the defense team to arrange programs and events to increase security and stability in the community. Its main objective is to ensure support of the United Kingdom military forces and promote a positive attitude towards them.

Through the media, the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Ukraine can educate and familiarize the Ukrainian Public with the policies and developments within the United Kingdom. The embassy prepares press releases containing speeches, interviews and other newsworthy information. These actions help to promote the United Kingdom within the Ukraine and open the doors to an entire new world for those living in Ukraine.

The Embassy of the United Kingdom also has a responsibility towards its citizens living in Ukraine, and those visiting the country. It therefore offers full consulate services, such as applications and issuing of visas and passports, registrations of births, information and forms in regard to marriage, voting while in Ukraine and general information regarding mobile phone services, medical centers and English speaking lawyers. If the official website of the Embassy of the United Kingdom does not provide the answers to any questions visitors, tourists or residents can telephone the embassy and make an appointment to visit their offices.

Aside from public holidays, the embassy is open from nine o’clock in the mornings until half-past-five in the afternoons on weekdays, and on Fridays it closes at four o’clock. Public holiday listings are available on their website. The Embassy of the United Kingdom represents their country in Ukraine and has efficient and friendly staff waiting to assist with any problems, queries or emergencies.

Consular and Visa Division of the Embassy of the United Kingdom
Artyom Business Centre
4 Glybochytska Street
Telephone: (+ 380 44) 494 3400 Fax: (+380 44) 494 3418
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Please Note: Contact details may change

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