German Embassy in Ukraine

The German Embassy in Ukraine is located in the city of Kiev. Reinhard Schafers was appointed as Ambassador to the Germany Embassy in 2006 and has a long list of accomplishments behind his name. As Ambassador of the German Embassy in Ukraine he is responsible for maintaining mutually beneficial relations between the two countries and to promote Germany within Ukraine. The German Embassy in Ukraine also assists German citizens living in Ukraine and German tourists and visitors to the country.

There are a great number of services that are provided by the German Embassy, such as the dealing with various visa applications, any affairs relating to nationality, they can witness documents, and offer authentication of documents and certificates. The German Embassy is also able to help in regard to the legalization of foreign documentation and the transmission or completion of oratory letters. They provide passport services, such as applications for passports and renewal of passports.

German citizens are also advised to inform the embassy of their presence within the country and their itinerary. This makes it easier for the embassy to locate visitors in case of emergency or evacuations during natural disasters. It aids them in assisting travelers in regard to medical emergencies, illness or death, and they are then able to get hold of next of kin or friends at home.

The German Embassy in Kiev is also a center for information and can answer any questions you might have in regard to Ukraine, documents, legal and medical queries. Queries in regard to marriage, adoption, Ukrainian laws and their legal system, domestic animals and passports for children can all be answered by the embassy. They are able to give you listings of medical centers, doctors and lawyers, but visitors should remember that should they be incarcerated or detained in Ukraine, the embassy can only assist them by issuing them with a list of lawyers, and cannot interfere or intervene in the legal procedures in Ukraine.

The German Embassy in Ukraine has a very comprehensive and detailed website available, that will be able to answer most of questions and uncertainties that visitors usually have. It also advises readers on what documents and forms are needed in regard to certain applications and can be very useful for information on Ukraine and Germany. If readers want to visit the embassy, it can be located at:

Germany Embassy in Ukraine
Wul. Bohdana
Chmelnyzkoho 25
Telephone (+380 44) 247 6800
Facsimile (+380 44) 247 6818

Please Note: Contact details are subject to change

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