Super Skiing at Delightful Dragobrat

If you’re looking for something exciting to do during your next visit to Ukraine you might want to consider skiing Dragobrat. Dragobrat is Ukraine’s Highest ski resort. It also has a reputation for having the most snow and being the most remote resort in the country. Clearly there’s plenty to enjoy at this great ski resort.

Anyone who enjoys skiing simply cannot miss out on this great Ukrainian ski resort. Dragobrat ski resort is situated on Mount Bliznitsa, which stretches towards the clouds and eventually peaks at 1883 meters above sea level. The actual resort is situated at about 1400 meters above sea level where thick coniferous forests shroud the mountain in a beautiful veil of greenery. From the ski resort you are able to see some truly fantastic views, including an absolutely breathtaking view of Mount Hora Hoverla, which is approximately 2061 meters above sea level! This Ukrainian ski resort is not just for skiers – its natural surroundings are so beautiful that it has become very popular with hikers and walkers as well as vacationers just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So even if you ski and your spouse doesn’t, you can be sure that you’ll both find plenty to enjoy at Dragobrat.

Despite its many other appeals, however, Dragobrat is still first and foremost a skiing destination. With its wonderfully high elevation the mountain gets great snow right through from November to May – guaranteed! In fact, in the last thirty years not one year has passed without a great snowy winter. This is partly because of the rare horseshoe shape of the nearby mountains which make sure that snow forms regardless of how warm the winters are. The facilities on the mountain are also very good. The two largest ski lifts will take you up Mount Stih to a height of 1000 meters. There are also a number of other smaller ski lifts and the facilities cater equally well to both skilled skiers and snowboarders. What’s more, you won’t have to pack in all your bulky skiing equipment if you are only going on holiday. There are plenty of great skis and snowboards for rent at the many different hotels that are situated in close proximity to Dragobrat ski resort. All the hotels are clean, neat and comfortable and offer a great variety of tasty dishes. You can also enjoy other, more leisurely forms of entertainment at your accommodation, such as billiards or saunas. So try something new and make the Dragobrat ski resort a part of your next holiday.