Paragliding in Ukraine

Paragliding can be both a relaxing leisure pursuit and an exciting competitor sport. Either way it offers the opportunity to view spectacular scenery from a unique perspective – flying free as a bird. Man has long been fascinated with the concept of humans taking flight, with some of the earliest inventions needing the bravest, or most foolish, pilots to test their capabilities. Flight has come a long way since the famous Wright Brothers made history, and paragliding continues to gain followers around the world. Ukraine has some of the most spectacular scenery you could wish to see, and paragliding makes the most of the country’s natural beauty.

The Carpathian Mountains offer some of the best paragliding conditions, and the annual Cup of The Carpathians is considered to be one of the most exciting events on the FAI (World Air Sports Federation) Sporting Calendar. The Cup of The Carpathians takes place over seven days in July each year, at a time when paragliding conditions in the area are at their peak. Competitors start their flight high up in the Carpathians, where thermals and wind conditions allow paragliders to swoop over the slopes and valleys below. Win or lose, the experience is breathtaking. Other competitions that take place in Ukraine include the Cup of the Dnister River, Cup of the Donbass Region, and Cup of Koktebel.

Enthusiasts agree that one of the major attractions of paragliding is the fact that there is no noise from engines, with the only sound being the whistling of the wind as they soar, swoop and glide through the air, completely at one with nature. For adventure seekers who want to enjoy this experience, but do not have the time to learn the techniques and skills required to fly solo, flying tandem with an instructor is an exciting option you may want to try when you visit Ukraine.