Visit the Beekeeping Museum in Kiev

Located in Kiev, the Beekeeping Museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the art of beekeeping, a practice which has been an integral part of Ukraine’s economy for centuries. Visitors to this fascinating museum will note that the statue of a guard at the entrance, dressed in red trousers with a blue, brass-buttoned military jacket, is in fact a beehive. The entrance to the beehive is through the guard’s mouth and the inscription on his guardhouse states that “Bees Know No Borders”.

The next feature of the museum that visitors will come across is a grey stone pedestal supporting a bust of Ukrainian beekeeper Petro Prokopovych (1775-1850) who is credited with inventing the concept of movable frames in beehives. This was a significant innovation in beekeeping, as it allowed access to the honeycomb without too much disruption for the bees.

Strolling along the pathways of the museum, in the shade of trees and an atmosphere of tranquility, visitors will have the opportunity to view a variety of whimsical beehives reflecting the imagination of their creators, while also serving a practical purpose. Four hives painted with portraits are situated under a green roofed shelter. As is the case with the guard at the entrance, two of these hives have their entrances through the mouths of the portraits and it can be quite mesmerizing to watch bees coming and going. Another hive in the shape of a house is adorned with a thatched roof and has painted windows and doors, as well as a little wooden fence around it. There are hives made of logs and a little log cabin hive, as well as some more traditional beehives. There are also some hanging high up in trees, as they would be in a rural setting in an attempt to deter bears from raiding them. There are also a couple of bear-shaped hives carved from logs.

Inside the museum are hives of every imaginable design, along with portraits of notable beekeepers who have advanced the understanding of bees and the art of beekeeping, and scenes of beekeeping in days gone by. There is information on the extraction of honey and beeswax and how this process has advanced over the years, and there is also a room where bee-related products from around the world are displayed.

Certainly, the art of beekeeping is an interesting topic and the Beekeeping Museum in Kiev presents its many facets in an entertaining and educational fashion.