Mazepa Fest

Located on the peaceful banks of the Vorskla River, is the city of Poltava. Tourists from all over the world visit this picturesque destination in the Poltava Oblast of Ukraine, to marvel at its wonderful historical buildings, attractions and sites, but once a year, the city of Poltava becomes a bustling musical Mecca, with thousands of music fans and musicians descending on the city to enjoy a few days of fun, relaxation and most of all music. And each June, the Mazapa Fest seems to grow in popularity and music genres.

The goal of the Mazepa Fest is to promote rock bands and musicians from Ukraine, as well as a variety of other genres, past and present. Upcoming artists are also invited to perform at the Mazepa Fest, which not only gives them exposure, but introduces them to the public. Festival organizers do not discriminate between bands, as they believe that the smallest of bands might be the upcoming new bands of the future. The festival is therefore hosted over three to four days, enabling the Mazepa Fest to secure a massive lineup of performances for audience members.

The first day of the festival usually offers a cinematic and musical combination, with the showing of Ukrainian films and ethno-music bands taking to the stage. The remainder of the festival is predominantly rock, ska and hardcore, and metal but audiences can also look forward to their favorite folk rock bands and alternative artists. It is the most anticipated festival for all Ukrainian bands, as their talents and artistic expressions are showcased at the Mazepa Fest. The festival is a major platform for new bands and musicians and uses the Mazepa Fest to bring awareness to the local Ukrainian talent. By presenting rising stars, amongst more established bands affords newcomers to the music industry the opportunity to network and learn from some of the best artists in Ukraine.

If for some reason, there are a few music enthusiasts that are unable to make it to the Mezapa Fest, they will be relieved to know that there is a CD released each year, featuring the bands that participated in the festival. Songs performed at the festival are rerecorded in a studio, creating a CD with hours of listening pleasure on it.