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  • Ukrainian Singers

    Ukrainian musical variety is conditionally divided into two types: Honored Artists of Ukraine or singers who have long been performing on the stage and appreciated by the older generation of Ukrainians and new musical performers who are just beginning their careers but are already successful and loved by the younger people.

  • New Singers

    Ukraine boasts of talented singers and their number is growing every day. Of course, not all of them gain the hearts of listeners, but there are those whose songs are played on all radio stations, clips are shown on all channels, and tickets for concerts are being sold in a couple of minutes. Among such performers, Jamala, Monatik, Kuzma Scriabin, Svetlana Loboda, Max Barsky, Potap and Tina ...

  • Music Bands

    Equally with the famous singers, music bands are gaining more and more popularity. A group always consists of different participants, has a mix of voices and images, usually, this is an interesting show on stage and in clips and an even greater number of fans.

  • Musical TV shows

    In our time, music TV shows are gaining increasing popularity. For TV viewers, this is a great way to relax, and for participants - to show what they can do, compete with strong opponents and eventually win good prizes. Although, in some cases, even winning is not required. Many worthy competitors are noticed by producers or successful singers and are offered to sign contracts with them.

  • Music Festivals

    They say that music festivals are a little life. One cannot but agree with this expression. At festivals everything is different, people feel freer, music plays louder, food seems tastier, and drinks are sweeter. At festivals, the body rests, moving to the music of your favorite performers and DJs, and the soul rests because this is the way to have fun, spend time with old friends and make ...

  • Ukraine.com


    They say that the song is the soul of the nation. And it is in the Ukrainian culture that this can be traced never better. Without exaggeration, the song accompanied the Ukrainian people in all spheres of life: in work on the field, on holidays with family, at the birth of children, during prayers in the church and in many other cases.

  • Folk culture

    Since Ukraine is geographically located between Europe and Asia, much of its culture exhibits both Eastern and Western influences. Over the years it has been invariably influenced by movements such as those brought about during the Byzantine Empire and the Renaissance. Today, the country is somewhat culturally divided with the western regions bearing a stronger European influence and the ...

  • Radio

    Whilst Ukraine is not a wealthy nation, radio in Ukraine tends to be a very accessible form of mass media. From news broadcasts to live discussions and music, Ukraine's radio stations offer a great variety of programs. In fact, Ukraine has a great number of radio stations situated throughout the country. Ukraine's live Internet radio broadcasts give you a chance to fully immerse yourself in ...

  • Events

    Any visitor to Ukraine will be able to see that the inhabitants of this beautiful country have a strong sense of culture. Their national identity is reflected in their language, dress, customs, architecture and celebrations. Often the best time to discover Ukrainian culture is during the many festive events that are held in this country throughout the year.