Fishing in Ukraine

Fishing enthusiasts will always be on the lookout for fishing opportunities no matter where in the world they find themselves. Visitors to Ukraine will be able to find numerous lakes, reservoirs and fishing establishments to test their fishing skills. There are a variety of fish in the lakes of Ukraine, depending on location, such as pike, trout and catfish. Ice fishing and fly fishing, are the two most popular forms of the sport in Ukraine. Fishing in this picturesque country will most certainly be a memorable experience.

Due to the government keeping a watchful eye on the spawning seasons of fish such as rybets, carp, catfish and laskir, fishing is prohibited from the 1st of April to the 20th of May, and sometimes a little longer depending on the weather and where the reservoir is located. As soon as the ban is lifted, the month of May is an important month to be on the waters. Evening fishing is especially recommended, as catfish seem more eager to bite.

Each fishing facility and area in Ukraine has its own unique collection of fish in its waters. For instance, fishing in the lakes surrounding the city of Sevastopol will give fishermen the opportunity to pull out pike and trout. The Carpathians is another popular fishing area, and there are numerous fly fishing guides, accommodation and tours available along the Lyutyanka River. Breeding programs along this river have been implemented and fishermen will be able to fish for Rainbow trout, podust, barbell, brook trout and grayling at this location. Not only is the fishing good here, but it is a breathtaking destination surrounded by forests and wild flowers.

The Pripyat River, which is located near the city of Chernobyl, is another fishing spot that should not be overlooked, as carp weighing more than fifty kilograms have been pulled out these waters. Lake Kozintsev has tents, boat rental catwalks and ice fishing to offer. Ice fishing is seen as one of the most peaceful experiences in Ukraine, as ice fishing locations are often remote and quiet. A professional guide is recommended for those interested in ice fishing. Rivers situated near the Ukrainian National Park are particularly popular for ice fishing. Many ice fishing destinations offer log cabins, warm heaters and a variety of other facilities to make the experience of ice fishing enjoyable for all.