Sevastopol – Important Seaport and City filled with Historical Sights

The beautiful city of Sevastopol is located on the Crimean Peninsula and is made up of four districts, namely Nakhimiovsky, Balaklavsky, Leninsky and Gagarinsky. Sevastopol has a population of about 400 thousand people who come from as many as twenty-six different nationalities. The local population here speaks mainly Ukrainian or Russian and a large majority attends the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Sevastopol is an important industrial center in Ukraine and is considered the biggest commercial seaport in the country. Not only does it play an important part in the business side of things, but Sevastopol is also a major cultural and scientific center in the Eastern parts of Europe. There are over twelve research institutes, twelve technical schools and as many as sixty different comprehensive schools available for scholars to attend.

If you are interested in historical monuments and buildings then you will need at least a week to explore Sevastopol. The city has over 1,800 historical sights, for instance the British Crimean Military Memorial, the monument to Kazarskiy and the famous Khersonesus Tavricheskiy archeological reserve. Khersonesus was an ancient city that was destroyed by fire, with only blackened ruins to show of its existence. As the centuries passed by, the city of Khersonesus became more and more buried until eventually there was no evidence that a city ever existed in this area. The first excavation of Khersonesus took place in 1827, but it was only in 1880 when the first organized excavation took place.

The Museum of Black Sea Fleet can be found in the city center and was formed in honor of all those who participated in the defense of the city during the mid-eighteen hundreds. The original museum building was a house that was donated by General E.I. Totleben. Later, the museum was moved across the road to where it presently stands. Before the opening of the Ukrainian museum could take place, many objects from the war and from the men who took part in it had to be collected. Objects like photos, manuscripts, firearms, documents and personal things were handed over by friends and families of these men.

You are certain to enjoy exploring the treasures of Sevastopol.

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