Explore the City of Dniprodzerzhynsk

Set along the Dnieper River, the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast is home to a bustling industrial city named Dniprodzerzhynsk. Historical documents reveal that the city was established in 1750, and consisted of two villages that in time became one, known then as Kamianske. It was renamed in honor of Felix Dzerzhynsk in 1936, as he was a Founding Member of the Bolshevik Secret Police. The city became known for leaders such as Leonid Brezhnev, who grew up in the city. But there is so much more to the Dniprodzerzhynsk, and is definitely worth exploring.

Dniprodzerzhynsk is located in a prime geographical position and covers an area of more than fifteen thousand hectares. It is home to numerous heavy industries, such as ferrous metals, as its location offers a variety of transportation infrastructures, including water, roads and railways. The chemical industry also plays a vital role in the economy of the city. Consumer products are manufactured here, and the city has an extensive export market due to most of the city being involved in large scale industries and factories.

There are numerous Orthodox churches in Dniprodzerzhysk, of which the Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas is the biggest. The Roman Catholic Church of Saint Nicholas was constructed near the end of the nineteenth century and also features a monastery. There are also various cultural centers, such as the Dniprodzerzhynsk Russian Music and Drama Theatre; no less than six musical schools; art schools; and culture palaces. The city also boasts nineteen museums, cinemas and a staggering ninety-three libraries. Various famous poets originate from Dniprodzerzhynsk, including O. Stovba, O. Kovalenko, F. Isayev and V. Burkhan.

Dniprodzerzhynsk offers visitors the opportunity to visit architectural masterpieces, as well as more than a hundred monuments that are scattered across the area. The city is also dedicated to the development of sport, with gymnasiums, sports grounds, stadiums, fields, shooting galleries and training centers being available. Their sports programs have produced wonderful Olympic athletes for Ukraine, namely S. Nagirny, D. Schmidt, S. Popov and S. Rakhmanov to name but a few. The city takes great pride in offering its residents opportunities and provides visitors with memorable attractions by preserving their history.