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    First of all, it should be recalled that Catholicism in Ukraine is represented by several structures. The most numerous of them are the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in addition, the diocese of the Roman Catholic Church operates in Ukraine.

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    Christianity, in particular, Orthodoxy, was in the center of the cultural and social life of Ukrainians throughout all centuries.

  • Lviv

    Founded in 1256, Lviv, or Lvov, has long been an important center of commerce in Ukraine. The city is responsible for the manufacture of electronic equipment, cars, agricultural machinery, chemicals, processed food and textiles. It has under a million inhabitants and a number of people commute from the surroundings suburbs daily. The winter is fairly cold and the summers are mild. The city ...

  • Architecture and Life Museum

    The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, or Pyrohovo, is situated near to the village of Pirogov in Ukraine. It is a definite must-see if you are in the area or if you are staying in the capital city Kiev, which is just thirty minutes away. The family will love the outdoor museum and it will keep you entertained for the whole day.

  • Religious Sites

    Religion has always been an important feature in the lives of Ukrainians. For centuries religious traditions have featured in local culture and this is certainly evidenced by the many religious sites in Ukraine. Churches, cathedrals, monasteries, synagogues and other religious sites are popular attractions for tourists visiting the country. From architectural wonders to more humble places of ...

  • Lviv Glass Museum

    Stained glass has long been used to decorate churches and provide color and beauty to the dreary gray stonewalls that generally characterize these religious edifices. Of course, they have also been used, on occasion, to decorate churches and to embellish private homes for the rich. These were the traditional roles given to this beautiful and decorative art form. Today, however, stained glass ...

  • Simferopol

    Simferopol is the capital city of Crimea and is situated in the southern parts of Ukraine. The capital is a wonderful city to visit and there are many sights and tourist attractions for one to visit. The temperature here is relatively warm and dry throughout the year with no extreme weather conditions to watch out for.

  • Nizhyn

    Nizhyn is a small town in the Chernihiv Oblast that is home to approximately 80 000 inhabitants. It lies near the Oster River and is quite diverse for a town of its size. Many historical events and noteworthy sights make Nizhyn an interesting and fascinating town to visit. Tourists that explore the Chernihiv Oblast, will not be disappointed.

  • Reni

    If you travel to the western side of Ukraine, you will find the brilliant region of Odessa. This picturesque part of the country is divided into several Raions or districts, one of which is the Reniysky Raion. Reniysky Raion now falls in what was once the Bessarabian district of Budjak (also Budzhak or Bugeac). Its administrative center is the city of Reni and the region has a population of ...

  • Bar

    Vinnytsya is one of 25 oblasts situated in the central part of Ukraine covering an area of about 16 thousand sq. miles. Lithuanian Prince Olgert founded the Vinnitsya oblast on the banks of the Southern Bug river in 1363. Bar is a delightful town in the Vinnitsya region.