Chatyr-Dag Caves in Crimea

The Crimea Region of Ukraine is known for its magnificent landscapes and breathtaking wonders, thus many outdoor enthusiasts flock to the region to enjoy its beauty. One of its most recognized attractions is the Chatyr-Dag Mountain, the second highest of its kind in Crimea. Not only is the mountain blanketed in wonderful fauna and flora, but it is home to approximately 140 caves for visitors to explore. The most significant of these caves, are the Vyalova Cave, Fur-Tree Cave, Marble Caves, Obvalnaya, Artuch-Koba and the Emine Bair Hosar Cave.

One of the recommended caves to explore is the Vyalova Cave, which is located in the lower plateau of the mountain. It is a massive cave that is 124 meters in depth, with the cave entrance standing at a height of 31 meters. It was named after a Russian speleologist and is an amazing part of the mountain to explore; its size alone is awe-inspiring. Guides can be found at the mountain, and for a small fee visitors will be able to enjoy a guided tour of this spectacular natural wonder.

The Marble Caves of the Chatyr-Dag are considered to be one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. It is also said that these caves are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and consists of an array of passage ways and extremely large halls that will take your breath away. Numerous speleologists have come to the Marble Caves to do research, as speleology is the detailed study of caves and their systems, a branch of geology. After discovering the magnificence of the caves of Chatyr-Dag, visitors will be able to take in the spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes that are blanketed in precipices, endless wooded areas, crystal clear lakes and valleys filled with stunning wildlife. The mountain and its caves can be easily reached from the city of Simferopol. Visitors to the region of Crimea, should not miss out on the opportunity to take an excursion through some of the most memorable sites in Ukraine, as visiting the Chatyr-Dag Mountain and its mysterious caves will be an unforgettable adventure.