Visiting Trukhaniv Island

The picturesque Trukhaniv Island was said to be the former summer residence of the daughter of Tugor-Khan, and began developing into a small town during the 1880s. In order to be able to keep a watchful eye on the city of Kiev, the German forces destroyed the buildings and settlements on the island, which is located in the Dnipro River. After the war, it was decided that instead of rebuilding the island to be a settlement, its promising leisure qualities would be developed and it is today a wonderful attraction for tourists and a place of relaxation and fun for the residents of Kiev.

Trukhaniv Island can be seen from the Podil neighborhood, which is a legendary and historic neighborhood in the city. It is a breathtaking piece of paradise on the doorstep of a bustling city, with rich vegetation and tranquil beaches. Before the year 1957, those in search of some tranquility and leisurely fun had to reach the island by boat, as there was no other way to access Trukhaniv Island. This led to a pedestrian bridge being constructed, allowing travelers more convenient travel to the island.

Though some visitors to the island prefer to bask in the sun during summer, water sports activities are available and cross country cycling seems to be developing quite rapidly. As the island covers an area of over four square kilometers, it is big enough to offer great terrain for summer and winter sports. Fishing is another leisure activity on the island which is very popular. As soon as the cold starts to move in and the island begins to be blanketed in a soft layer of snow, skiing enthusiasts ready themselves for the cross country skiing events that are hosted here each year. The sport complexes on the island also offer a variety of activities. After a long day of fun and excitement on the island, the beautiful restaurants and quaint cafés offer refreshment and good food, in a relaxing atmosphere. Trukhaniv Island is more than just an attraction, it is a destination of rejuvenation, where quality family time can be spent and a place where friends can get together to make memories.