Relax and Rejuvenate at Ukraine’s Mineral Spas

With more than 500 mineral water sources, Ukraine is the perfect destination for travelers looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits these offer. There are around fifty spa and wellness centers in Ukraine, many of which are in the majestic Carpathian Mountains – one of the richest sources of mineral water in the country. Mineral waters are beneficial for both bathing in and for drinking, and bottled mineral water is found in shops throughout Ukraine.

With 38 springs and 17 wells, as well as up to 25 springs that have not been tapped into yet, the village of Skhidnytsya is located on the border of the Skolivski Beskydy nature reserve in the Carpathian Mountains. The type of water available in Skhidnytsya is called Naftusya, containing hydrocarbonate magnesium and calcium, along with a huge range of organic substances. The mineralization of the water takes place as natural rainfall filters through the high mineral content rocks and soil of the region. Its unique properties is said to assist in relieving a number of ailments, including metabolic disorders, problems related to the liver, kidneys and digestive system. It is also said to help the body eliminate heavy metals and radionuclides, and has proven helpful to victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Visitors to Skhidnytsya will find a variety of accommodation to suit most budgets, as well as restaurants, shops and a local market. The scenery is breathtaking and among the attractions of the village are the nearby ruins of a 9th century fortress, Tustan, which is a state-owned historical-cultural site.

Located near the border of Poland in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine, the town of Truskavets has 14 sources of Naftusya mineral water and a number of spas and wellness centers. The town is also known for its natural organic salt, a product rich in minerals which is reputed to be an effective gallbladder remedy. The nearby town of Boryslav, has a natural source of ozokerite, also referred to as earthwax, renowned for its treatment of inflammatory disorders, such as arthritis.

Other towns in the region that are known for the curative properties of their mineral waters are Polyana, Morshyn, Solochyn, Borzhava and Shayan – all of which also offer beautiful surroundings, clean air, warm hospitality, relaxation and rejuvenation.