Natural Wonder of Dniester Canyon

Surrounded by ancient landscapes, green brush and rare plant life, the Dniester Canyon in Ukraine is viewed as one of the most significant geo-regions in the country. Its beauty alone is enough to lure thousands of visitors to the canyon each year, but it can also be described as an outdoor museum, as within its waters and vegetation lies a unique history to explore. When visiting this fascinating attraction, visitors will begin to understand why this unique area is listed as one of Ukraine’s Seven Natural Wonders.

The Dniester Canyon can be found in the Dniester River Valley region, and is located between the towns of Chernelytsia and Hubyn. Its main water source is the Dniester River, which has been recorded to reach staggering depths of approximately fifty meters. The river is known for being ecologically clean and is important to the survival of the historical plant life, birds and animals that depend on its water. Diverse landscapes and ecological systems are found within the Dniester Canyon, including sites of archaeological, geological and botanical value. Old and exotic trees, shrub species and arboreal vegetation offer a unique habitat for the wildlife found here.

The limestone walls of the Dniester Canyon do receive a lot of attention, but visitors can also look forward to discovering caves and grottos, breathtaking waterfalls and stretches of bryophyte rocks. Within the caves there are subtle signs of old settlements, indicating that this region was once inhabited. Plans are underway to conserve and protect this extraordinary part of Ukraine by establishing the Dniester Canyon National Park. Over and above general tourists and visitors who come to the Dniester Canyon to enjoy its tranquility and beauty, there are a few adrenalin junkies who also make use of the canyon for skydiving. Bird watchers frequent the Dniester Canyon, as the bird life that is found in the forests and along the river beds is diverse and memorable, and many of the birds found here are endangered. The Dniester Canyon is able to provide visitors with the peacefulness and magnificence of nature, as well as a location where adventurers can take on more challenging activities.