Koktebel: A Seaside Vacation

If you love turquoise seas and sunny beaches, then you simply have to visit Koktebel during the summertime. This beautiful little resort village is incredibly popular with locals and foreigners alike. It is situated in South Eastern Crimea and was known as Planerskoye not too long ago.

Koktebel in Ukraine is situated on the shores of the Black Sea. Despite the sea’s name it is incredibly beautiful and bright during much of the year. During the summer months vacationers can be seen enjoying the beautifully bright, blue waters and the warm sun in nearly every corner of the village. Some take extra advantage of the chance to enjoy the sun by visiting the naturist beach. Others prefer to lay back and enjoy some of the village’s famous cognac. A large number of writers regularly visit Koktebel in Ukraine and interesting discussions often ensue. Visitors frequent from both Russia and Ukraine and you can choose to used rubles or dollars, as both are commonly accepted. A paved walkway along the beach makes it easier to access the various public and private beaches. This walkway is linked to a wonderful variety of restaurants, cafés and kiosks. There are also a number of small market areas where you can purchase arts and crafts or a selection of home baked goodies. Other activities to be enjoyed in the daytime include horse-riding and boat excursions. A trip to a nearby monastery also seems to be a popular option.

During the evening the beaches of Koktebel start to slowly transform. A number of small discos and bars open up their doors and light up the area, providing beer, music and a good time. Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar food is readily available for those who get a little hungry during the evening. If you’re visiting in September, you’ll be able to make the most of the village’s annual jazz festival. A number of famous jazz performers from around the world are invited to perform at the festival and the event is well attended by people from all over the region. Accommodation is also readily available in the form of small hotels or a myriad of guest houses and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. This is a little holiday gem if ever there was, so make the most of it and visit Koktebel on your next holiday.