kaZantip Republic 2010

The massive kaZantip Republic began as a huge party that would always follow a major surfing competition. It began to grow in popularity and in size, and by the time it became an independent event in 1992, five to six weeks were needed for this large celebration of music. It has become one of the biggest festivals dedicated to trance, house music and techno in the world, and music enthusiasts support the festival for its lively atmosphere and diverse line-up of DJs and artists.

This year the kaZantip Republic will be hosted from 31 July 2010 to 22 August 2010, and it is expected that more than 150 000 festival goers will be attending the event. Popovka will be the host of the kaZantip, which is located approximately two hours from the city of Simferopol. This picturesque seaside destination is located on the Black Sea and is a popular holiday town for locals and tourists. The festival site will be a self contained area that will be sixty thousand square meters in size and will have three restaurants onsite for hungry festival goers. For a little relaxation from the party atmosphere, lounges will be available, while those enjoying the music can choose from ten different stages built around the event area. Fifteen bars will be placed strategically so festival goers can purchase refreshments from convenient locations. Music and dancing will be the order for twenty-four hours a day, and organizers have instilled strict rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all who attend.

A multipass must be presented at the gate to be able to gain entry into the celebration. At the Mars Complex, festival goers will find the world’s best kite surfers enjoying the music and festivities. It is also home to a multi-level trance dance floor that is out of this world. Each of the ten dance floors at kaZantip has its own unique style, such as a circus tent, a platform that is built out over the sea, a Roman coliseum and a flying saucer. Some dance floors are constructed up to ten meters in the air. All the dance floors are within walking distance of each other. When festival goers are not enjoying the rhythms of the music, they can be captivated by breathtaking sunsets and peaceful beaches.