Discover Cycling in Ukraine

In Ukraine, cycling has always been a popular form of transport, especially in the smaller villages and rural areas. Visitors often turn to cycling as a mode of exploration and discovery, with mountain bikers taking on the hills and valleys of the country. Not only is cycling eco-friendly, but it allows cyclists to see the country first hand and visit smaller villages that are not on the major tourism routes. Even locals in the cities have begun to enjoy the special features that cycling offers, forming cycling groups and heading off to new destinations.

Many of the cities are not particularly cyclist friendly, as there are no specific areas to park and lock bikes. However, in cities such as Kyiv, there are numerous parks and pieces of land that locals and visitors can explore. Some of the most recommended routes, varying between ten kilometer and thirty-five kilometers, include the Trukhanov Island and Park, Holosiyiyskyv Park and Forest, Puscha-Vodytsya Forest and the Vinohradar Forest. When it comes to taking on the fresh air and green landscapes of the Ukrainian countryside, there are two destinations that feature as the most popular sites, namely the Carpathian Mountains and Crimea.

Crimea offers cyclists a variety of routes that differ in difficulty and skill level, as the entire region is covered in a network of both unpaved and paved roads and routes. The magnificent mountain ranges that are nestled between the city of Feodosiya and Sevastopol provide breathtaking scenery and views along their pathways, with cycling starting points being located in Sevastopol, Bakhchisaray and Simferopol. The Carpathian Mountains are referred to as the Green Pearl of the country, and as beautiful as its landscapes are, cyclists are advised to research their routes beforehand as routes are not clearly marked. These routes are also better suited to long distance cyclists, and there are many villages and farming communities along the way where travelers will be able to find accommodation. There are a few tips for cycling through the Carpathian Mountains that cyclists should follow. A water filter is always advised, as clean water is only available in inhabited areas. Taking spares for bikes is another necessity, as is a raincoat and warm protective clothing.