A Tour of Sokal

In the Ukrainian language, the word sokal refers to a falcon, leading to the belief that the town of Sokal was named after this beautiful bird of prey. The town was mentioned in documents dating back to 1377, and was granted the Magdeburg Law in the year 1424, allowing the residents to cut trees down for the building and development of the town. The peaceful Buh River that runs past the town supplied it residents with fish and today it is a beautiful feature of the town.

Located in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine, the town of Sokal is situated in a district of its own, namely the Sokal District. The town has a wonderful history and reminders of its past are scattered across the landscape. It used to fall under Poland during the years of 1918 to 1944, but as a part of Ukraine, the town has grown into a wonderful attraction, while remaining picturesque and quaint in certain ways.

There are many attractions in the town of Sokal for visitors to enjoy and tourists will find the town to be fascinating and wonderful to explore. Some of the landmark structures featured in Sokal include the breathtaking St Peter and St Paul’s Church, a nineteenth century chapel, the sixteenth century St Nicholas Church, the Bernardine Monastery and the remains of a 1762 synagogue that is a significant landmark in the city. Sokal City Hall is another magnificent structure to visit, with its neatly painted and well maintained features, and its beautiful clock tower on the roof. Further outside the city, there are a number of activities and attractions to explore in the surrounding towns and villages, such as the Roztoczansky National Park, Powazsky Warsaw Cemetery and the Warsayske Ghetto.

Sokal might be one of the smaller cities in Ukraine, with an estimated population of approximately twenty-two thousand, but it is most certainly a picturesque and interesting destination. It is a recommended attraction in the country and visitors to this unique town will not be disappointed.