Visit the Fascinating Destination of Partenit

Along the southern coast of Crimea, nestled between Alushta and Yalta, lies the quaint and beautiful town of Partenit. Known for its landscapes that are always covered in rich shades of green, the breathtaking Au-Dag Mountains (Bears Mountain) and a valley where legends and tales of old can be discovered. It is a part of Ukraine that is nothing short of spectacular and the over the years, this earlier settlement known as Frunze, has grown into a town that is steeped in history and offers city dwellers tranquil surroundings to escape to.

When looking at the history of Partenit, many groups of invaders have crossed the land where the town is now settled. The Tartars, Greeks, Turks, Nazi’s and many others have all played a significant role in the history of Partenit. It is also a region that is famous for its wine making, and wines such as Bastardo, has put this Ukrainian county on the map. The estimated population of approximately eight thousand inhabitants has embraced the rise in the tourism industry, finding their own niche in the market and waiting eagerly to share this beautiful part of Ukraine with visitors.

Partenit has many clean and tidy holiday apartments available for guests and visitors and it is advised to stay a few days, to enjoy all the attractions that the town has to offer. As with most coastal destinations, the pebbled beaches of Partenit are amongst the most popular attractions. Tourism agencies in town can assist visitors in exploring the town and surrounding area, as they offer excursions to Au-Dag Mountain, some of the wineries and retrace the history of the town through its many natural wonders.

Other attractions include the ruins of ancient Goth churches, walks through the national park, meandering through the sanatorium and viewing many of the flora species of the area such as laurel-cherry, fig trees, palm trees, cypresses and rosemary, as well as visiting the Light-Music Fountain. The bazaar is filled with interesting items and souvenirs and when the sun goes down on Partenit, the lights of restaurants, cozy bars and hip-swinging night clubs light up the evening sky.

Partenit is one of the destinations in Ukraine that excites, thrills, relaxes and rejuvenates, through its diverse attractions and activities. It is a town that makes everyone feel welcome and goes the extra mile for tourists, to ensure that they take home fond memories.