The Stunning Sophievka Dendro Park

Located in one of the most picturesque and historic towns in Ukraine, Cherkassy, is a magnificent park dedicated to the wife of Stanislav Schensny Pototsky, a wealthy Polish tycoon. It is viewed as a landscaping masterpiece of significant proportions. Visitors to the Sophievka Dendro Park will find this attraction to be the highlight of their travels through Ukraine, as it combines the excitement of discovery and exploration with the tranquility and peacefulness of the beauty of nature.

Sophia Pototsky had always dreamed of creating a park that would evoke emotions of romance and elegance, by using both Greek and Roman mythology as a guideline. In 1796, her husband started working on this marvelous project, to be completed in time for her birthday in 1802. Ludwig Metsel, a Polish engineer, was recruited to assist in the design and layout of the 154.7 hectare park. After the deaths of both Pototsky and Sophia, the park was inherited by their son, Alexander. The Polish uprising in 1832 saw the park fall into the hands of the military, during which the architect A.I. Shtackenshneider was called on to design and create new architectural structures inside the park grounds. This led to the construction of a paved road and main gates. The gardening college took charge of the gardens in 1859. The park was declared a state reserve in 1929 and by 1955 it was given to the National Science Academy of Ukraine to oversee.

Today, visitors to the park will be amazed to see the spectacular variety of exotic plants, creative scenes, sparkling ponds, breathtaking sculptures, relaxing fountains, cool cascades and a collection of rare trees. An English and French park were added, filled with rare plant species, to approximately a hundred tree species and flora that have been a part of the Sophievka Dendro Park for over a hundred years.

Due to the massive collection of rare plants and trees that are found in the Sophievka Dendro Park, four scientific centers and research centers conduct their work within the park. It has also won several awards and has undergone restructuring and restoration to accommodate visitors and protect the existing plant life. To enjoy a truly exquisite attraction and sensory extravaganza, visitors to Ukraine should ensure that they make a trip to the Sophievka Dendro Park, to enjoy the scents and sights of some of the most extraordinary plants, landscaping and architectural wonders.