Kharkiv Champagne and Wine Factory

Alcoholic beverage connoisseurs will know that virtually every country produces its own brands of alcohol. This is certainly true of Ukraine, which produces both champagne and wine amongst other things. Most people are surprised to learn that Ukraine produces these two beverages locally. However, a quick trip to the Champagne and Wine Factory in Kharkiv will quickly dispel any doubts you may have as to the truthfulness of this statement.

Upon arriving at the Kharkiv Champagne and Wine Factory you may well find yourself surprised by the size of the operation. The Kharkiv Champagne and Wine Factory produces some 25 million bottles of champagne and 826.2 000 decilitres of grape wine per a year. What’s more, the factory’s full capacity for making these beverages is presently not being fully utilized. In 2000 only about 10% of the wine products and 50% of the champagne products were made up and sold by the factory. Because the factory has such capacity for growth, the factory owners are constantly seeking ways to expand production.

The Champagne and Wine Factory in Kharkiv offers visitors a chance to explore the universal methods employed in making these beverages through a friendly, guided tour of the factory. Visitors can make their way around the factory at a comfortable pace as they note how grapes are harvested, pressed, stored and bottled. The creation of locally branded wine and champagne no doubt makes these beverages much more accessible to the people of Ukraine who might otherwise have to use other, cheaper spirits to celebrate special occasions. What’s more, the final product has a good aroma and taste and visitors to the factory will certainly be keen to sample the finished product. If a visit to the Kharkiv Champagne and Wine Factory appeals you, take a drive to the factory at 20 Lozovskaya Street in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is a great way for vinophiles to expand their horizons and visitors to the factory should certainly take advantage of their time here and make the most of their trip by exploring this beautiful, culturally rich country. So contact the factory and book your tour today!