Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Contestants have been rehearsing non-stop, ensuring that every move is perfect, while backstage assistants and set designers have been going over the performance schedules and ensuring that everything is in place for the big evening. As the 21st of November 2009 draws near, contestants, crew, producers and supporters are growing anxious for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 finals. It is set to be an evening to remember, with thirteen performers singing their hearts out for first place. The whole world is getting ready to watch the seventh edition of this phenomenal contest.

Kiev, in Ukraine, has been given the honor of hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009, which will be broadcast from the Palace of Sports. Sven Stoianovic will be the director the show, with Ani Lorak as its presenter. The logo for the contest was based on a painting designed by Maria Primachenko, who is a well known artist in Ukraine. The creative and fitting logo has been titled “Tree of Life”, while the show’s contest has been named “For the Joy of the People”.

The thirteen performers in the show will represent a variety of countries and contestants are as follows: Mimmi Sanden (Sweden), Ekaterina Ryaboya (Russia), Luara Hayraperyan (Armenia), Iona Anuta (Romania), Ništa Lično (Serbia), Group Princesses (Georgia), Ralf Mackenbach (The Netherlands), Rafaella Costa (Cyprus), Francesca & Mikaela (Malta), Andranik Aleksanyan (Ukraine), Laura (Belgium), Yury Demidovich (Belarus) and Sara Markoska (F.Y.R. Macedonia). Audience members and television viewers will be able to look forward to songs such as Double Trouble, Click Clack, Blue Bird, Barcelona, Malenky Prints, Du, Za Ljubovta and Onaj Pravi.

The outcome of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will depend on a 50/50 judging strategy. Members of the public are given 50 % of the outcome, by voting for their favorite performer by sms or telephone voting. Every country will be able to participate in the voting process, and therefore choose their top ten candidates. The points given to the votes will be added to the judges’ vote, which makes up the remaining 50 %. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is not only a memorable moment for contestants, but for the host city, Kiev, as well.