Danube Delta Cruise in Ukraine

As the second longest river in Europe (the Volga being the longest), the Danube originates in Germany’s renowned Black Forest and winds its way for a distance of more than 2,800 kilometers through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Moldova before spreading out into the Danube Delta of Romania and Ukraine and flowing into the Black Sea. The Danube is classified as an international waterway and is used for cargo transportation, as well as to ferry passengers for both business and leisure. Boat cruises are an excellent way to explore some of the most picturesque regions of the countries the river passes through, and visitors to Ukraine may want to take the opportunity to enjoy a Danube Delta cruise.

The Kilia tributary of the Danube River forms part of the Danube Delta, as well as forming a natural border between Romania and Ukraine. The river is named after the two small cities on its banks – Kiliya in the Odessa Oblast of Ukraine, and Chilia Veche in Romania. Kiliya was established by Steven the Great of Moldavia in the mid 15th century as a counter-measure to the Ottoman controlled Romanian city of Chilia Veche. However, by 1484, the Ottoman Empire had conquered Kiliya, holding onto it until the Russian army took control of it in 1790. Years of conflict followed, with the strategically located city of Kiliya changing hands a number of times, until, upon the dissolution of Soviet rule, the city passed to Ukraine. In addition to spectacular scenery, visitors to Kiliya will find many historical treasures, including the Church of St.Nicholas – a semi-subterranean structure built in 1647, although it is believed that it may date back to as long ago as 1485.

The port city of Izmail is the largest Ukrainian port on the Danube River and an important economic and financial center. It is also the base of the Ukrainian Sea Guard and Ukrainian Navy, and plays an essential role in the conservation of the area. With a history that goes back to the 12th century, a rich cultural heritage and immense natural beauty, Izmail is a popular tourist destination that should be included in a visit to the Danube Delta. The city of Vylkove, which is located in the Danube Delta marshlands near the shores of the Black Sea, is sometimes referred to as the Ukrainian Venice and is home to the Ukraine Danube Biosphere Reserve administration center. Certainly, there is plenty to see and appreciate in the Danube Delta of Ukraine, where the mighty Danube River ends its long journey.