Crimea to Focus on Tourism

There is a reason that the Russian Tsars used to travel to the Crimea for their royal holidays, and it is because of its magnificent beauty, seaside resorts and enjoyable climate. New potential is being seen in the Crimea, and government officials will now focus their efforts on promoting and creating the infrastructure to assist the Crimea in becoming one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, as well as transforming it into the Eastern European tourism capital. Due to its ideal locations and the potential of integrating health resorts into its attractions, funds have been set aside for the Crimea to begin its journey to development.

While visiting London and Brussels, Prime Minister of the Crimea, Vasyl Dzharty, spoke of the changes and visions that were on the cards for the Crimea and signed a financing contract with Stefan Fuele for the Support of Joint Initiative and Cooperation in Crimea. Fuele is the Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, and the contract will assign twelve million Euros for the Crimean government to implement the developments regarding social and economic changes, and aid the Crimea in being able to raise more funds for the development of this region.

The Crimea has a few drawing cards and noteworthy attractions over and above its near perfect climate and beautiful coastlines along the Black Sea. Its fascinating history and rich heritage has seen to it that the Crimea has wonderful architectural structures to view, such as the Livadia Palace, which became famous in 1945 as it was the venue for the Yalta Conference that was attended by Winston Churchill, Stalin and President Roosevelt. Edward Blore, the architect who created the magnificent Buckingham Palace, designed the Vorontsov Palace, which is a breathtaking site to visit.

Crimea is also known for its wonderful countryside, inspirational landscapes and for its world class vineyards. Yalta, located on the Black Sea, is nicknamed the Pearl of the Crimea, and has the best wine tasting available at its wine tasting hall. Mr Dzharty spoke in Brussels and commented that it was time that more foreign visitors came to explore the Crimea, and with the developments and projects planned, the Crimea will become a leading holiday destination.