Local Radio and Music in Ukraine

Whilst Ukraine is not a wealthy nation, radio in Ukraine tends to be a very accessible form of mass media. From news broadcasts to live discussions and music, Ukraine's radio stations offer a great variety of programs. In fact, Ukraine has a great number of radio stations situated throughout the country. Ukraine's live Internet radio broadcasts give you a chance to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Ukraine. It is also a great way to find out what is going on in the country when planning a visit to the country.

The National Radio Company of Ukraine or NRCU hosts 3 channels offering 94,5 hours of broadcasting everyday. The First Channel provides informative news programs of happenings both in the Ukraine and worldwide. Other programs presented on this channel are related to music, political subjects and topics for the youth. The Second Channel called “Promin” is a channel dedicated to young people, providing information and music. The Third Channel is aimed at creating a high spiritual culture. NRCU’s International Radio is aimed at foreign listeners interested in life in Ukraine.

Below is a list of Ukraine’s live radio stations as well as their frequencies and the areas in which they are located:

102.3 Trand M Radio (Simferopol)
103.7 Europa+ Simferopol (Simferopol)
104.8 Radio Assol (Simferopol)
102.5 Europa+ Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk)
103.3 Classic Radio FM (Dnepropetrovsk)
105.3 Shanson Radio (Dnepropetrovsk)
107.3 Radio Mix (Dnepropetrovsk)
101.7 Europa+ Kramatorsk (Kramatorsk)
106.8 Europa+ Donetsk (Dontetsk)
100.5 Master Radio (Kharkiv)
101.5 Russia Radio (Kharkiv)
102.6 Europa+ Karhov
105.6 Auto Radio (Kherson)
95.2 Love Radio (Kiev)
95.6 Europa+ Kiev (Kiev)
96.0 Radio Era (Kiev)
96.4 XITFM (Kiev)
96.8 Jazz 96.8 (Kiev)
98.5 Russkoe Radio Ukraina (Kiev)
99.0 Radio Nostalgie (Kiev)
100.0 Gala Radio (Kiev)
100.5 Super Nova Radio (Kiev)
100.9 Europa+ Vinnitsa (Vinnytsya)
101.1 Melodia FM (Kiev)
101.5 Music Radio (Kiev)
102.8 Planeta FM (Priluki)
104.0 Power FM (Kiev)
104.7 Radio Lux (Kiev)
105.0 Niko FM (Kiev)
105.5 Radio 1055 (Kiev)
106.0 Vzrosloye Radio (Kiev)
106.5 Kiss FM Dance Radio (Kiev)
107.4 Doriva FM (Kiev)
107.9 Nashe Radio (Kiev)
106.9 Skyway (Lugansk)
66.26 Lvivska Khvilia (Lviv)
68.51 Radio Reesurrection (Lviv)
106.7 Radio Nezalizhnist’ (Lviv)
92.8 Europa+ Odessa (Odessa)
99.9 Radio Galaktika (Zaporizhzhya)
101.8 Veliky Luh (Zaporzhzhya)
Short Wave Radio – BBC Ukrainian Service; RUI-Radio Ukraine International
Internet Radio – i-Radio; MFM Radio.

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