Music Festivals in Ukraine

They say that music festivals are a little life. One cannot but agree with this expression. At festivals everything is different, people feel freer, music plays louder, food seems tastier, and drinks are sweeter. At festivals, the body rests, moving to the music of your favorite performers and DJs, and the soul rests because this is the way to have fun, spend time with old friends and make new ones.

In Ukraine, a lot of festivals are held annually, and we will tell about five, in our opinion, the brightest – Atlas Weekend, Hedonism Festival, Fayne Misto, Zaxidfest and Respublica.

Atlas Weekend Press Service. From:

Atlas Weekend is one of the largest music festivals in Ukraine. This is the open-air of the European level, which gathers about a hundred thousand spectators. Famous European DJs and popular Ukrainian and Russian performers act at this festival. Also, there is an organized area for children and camping. One day of the festival is set aside as a day of Ukrainian music and entrance on this day is free.

Hedonism Festival is a chamber festival of electronic music, which is held on the banks of the Dnipro River. The performers are the world’s best DJs as well as Ukrainian artists. Summer, beach, music – it’s hard to create a better way to spend a weekend in the middle of summer.

Fayne Misto is an open-air for several thousands of people. Priority is given to rock and heavy metal. The most popular world and Ukrainian rock and metal bands perform at this festival. Although, this is all diluted with the music of another kind – for example, the Ukrainian electric singer Onuka and lyrical performers. The organizers turn the festival into a city with its own self-government. At the entrance they give out passports of the “Faithful person”: a newly-born citizen can not only listen to music but also relax on the beach or in the lounge area, buy food or hand-made goods. They can sleep in a paid or free camping.

Zaxidfest is one of the oldest festivals of independent Ukraine. Zaxidfest is a classic open-air: with tents in the forest, swimming in the lake and outdoor activities. Zaxidfest has the spirit of festival fraternity and a sense of freedom. At the recreation center, there is comfortable camping.

Respublica is a festival of indie rock and street art. As part of Respublica, a series of educational lectures and workshops, as well as street art events, take place. The mission of the festival is to unite creative people.


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