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  • Kiev Oblast


    Situated on the Dnipro River, Kiev (also Kyiv) is the capital city of Ukraine. After a rough and turbulent history, the town has become an interesting array of old and new buildings. More and more of the culture is being influenced by the characteristics of both Western and European customs, yet the Ukrainians who live here still cling proudly to tradition. Once catapulted onto the world ...

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    Art Galleries

    Art is a very important form of expression in every culture. Ukrainian art has had several influences over the years and numerous great artists from Ukraine have become known worldwide for a variety of artistic styles. Those who appreciate art will find Ukrainian art galleries to be of the highest standards. Exhibiting all forms of art, from paintings to drawings, and sculptures to graphic ...

  • Attractions

    Ukraine is a very vivid country, rich in culture and history. There is much to offer tourists, many lovely sights, traditional sounds, decadent flavor and unique smells. A wide variety of attractions in Ukraine capture the interest of tourists from the world over. One such Ukrainian attraction is St. Sophia Cathedral and Monastery, built during the 11th century. Also located in Kiev, the ...

  • Art Galleries


    The building that houses the ARTEast Gallery on Reytarska Street in Kiev is as famous and well-known as the gallery itself. It was once home to Yuriy Davydov’s Ballet Studio which doubled as an Opera Studio and became the blue print for ballet studios all over the world. It was the first studio to offer subjects such as languages and grammar together with lessons given by Illya Chestyakov. ...

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    Artist Union

    Art is a language easily understood by all individuals who appreciate true talent and creativity.

  • Art Galleries

    Center for Contemporary

    The Center for Contemporary Art, also known as the Soros Center for Contemporary Art or SCCA, is located in the district of Podil, in Kiev. It is an extremely old part of the city and this adds nostalgia and history to the gallery which is housed in a building that dated back to the XVIIIth century. The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts has become one of the most significant art galleries ...

  • Museums

    Museum of Theater

    Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is famous for the immense number of cultural activities it has available, making it literally the cultural center of the country. You will find over sixty different museums, a variety of art galleries and other historical and cultural sites and buildings in this city. Through the decades Ukraine has become increasingly more recognized for its artists and art ...

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    Duke Richelieu Monument

    Odessa is regarded as the fourth leading city in Ukraine, situated in Eastern Europe. It is also the city that has the largest and most central seaport along the Black Sea. Due to the past of one man, Duke Richelieu, and his contribution to the city of Odessa, it has become the success it is today.

  • Art Galleries

    Aquarel Art Gallery

    There are a number of excellent art galleries in Ukraine, many of which can be found in Kiev. The Aquarel Gallery is no exception and takes every effort to ensure that exhibitions and artworks provide visitors with exposure to the best collections possible. These collections may feature artwork by Ukrainian artists, Russian artists or American artists and they may cover any particular art ...

  • Art Galleries

    Gallery 36

    There are many excellent art galleries in Ukraine that are worth visiting. Kiev is a city of culture and life and you should certainly take the time to browse at least one or two art galleries while you visiting this magnificent city. However, making that choice may not be quite so easy since there really is a huge variety of art galleries in Ukraine to choose from. Usually, the best way to ...