Ukraine’s History, Culture, Art, and Literature

Of course, the writers at hope that our website will be your first stop on the Internet superhighway to learn about this emerging travel destination, but to compliment your viewing, why not try the newly created Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine?

Collecting over 20,000 detailed entries supplemented with maps, photographs, illustrations, tables and audio materials, this immense repository of Ukrainian history, culture, literature, politics and art was created by a team of scholars, writers and editors from the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto. Only 11% of the entire database is currently online but Ukraine and Ukrainians around the world have centuries of history to record in cyberspace!

If genealogical research is your passion and your lineage includes Ukrainian blood, why not try the new book, Ukrainian Genealogy: A Beginner’s Guide, by John D. Pihach, and published by the University of Alberta. Because the overwhelming majority of people with Ukrainian origin in Canada and the United States have roots in western Ukraine or southeastern Poland, the book connects research to the immigrant experience. Personal names are examined and a review of maps that existed in the past when wars divided the landscape, aid the reader in pinpointing the location of an ancestral village.

Why not spend a Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea and a wealth of information without leaving your house, and learn more about a country breathing with passion and beauty, and while Ukraine is only a click away, visiting is even better!