The Historical and Cultural City of Hlukhiv

The Ukrainian town of Hlukhiv, with an approximate population of 35,000, has been inhabited from the 5th century. Archaeologists have confirmed this, but the town was only mentioned in documents from the year 1152. In 1644, the town of Hlukhiv, received its Magdeburg Rights. Peter the Great then went on to transform the town, located in the Sumy Oblast, into the capital for the Hetman. The Hetmans ruled over this small town in the Sumy Region up until 1734, but unfortunately, many of the buildings that originated from this period perished in fires.

Hetman Danylo Apostol created the first musical school in Hlukhiv, that taught music, singing and academic subjects under one roof, in the 1730’s. A monument to one of his students, Dmytro Bortnyansky, can be seen in New York. He is honored here, along with many other composers, for his musical genius. Hryhoriy Skovoroda became a legendary philosopher and one of Ukraine’s
most brilliant musicians. Maksym Berezovsky also studied in Hlukhiv. Not only did he study at the music academy, but was also born in Hlukhiv. Tragically, he took his own life at the young age of 32. He has been immortalized by Fyodor Shubin, a painter from Russia, in a portrait painting that is on display in St Petersburg Hermitage Museum. Another famous person that has her roots in Hlukhiv is well-known Kiev actress Ada Rohovtseva. She grew up in the town and has fond memories of Hlukhiv and its memorable sights.

There are a few noteworthy sights in Hlukhiv that visitors will find fascinating, such as the Bortniansky Square, the church of St Nicholas which was built in 1693, the 1765 Savior’s Transfiguration Church and the triumphal arch. The water tower attracts many visitors each year and was constructed during the years 1927 to 1929.

The discovery and production of hemp led to the founding of two very important institutions in Hlukhiv, namely the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences and the Institute of Bast Crops. The town’s Elektropanel Plant is vital in the production of machinery, wool products, building material and food products.

Hlukhiv is a town that bubbles with history in both music and culture. Its buildings, monuments and educational institutions are the legacy left behind by those who were dedicated to the town. Visitors will be stunned at the beauty and charisma that radiates from every corner and the friendly faces, just waiting to welcome you.

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