Familiarize yourself with Sumy

Sumy Oblast is an province in the north-east region of Ukraine. Sumy is the capital of Sumy Oblast and has been a twin town of Celle in Germany, since January 17, 1990. The area of Sumy Oblast is about 23,800 square kilometers and its population is about 1,3 million. The Sumy Oblast was formed in 1939.

Hlukhiv, is a significant city in the Sumy region of Ukraine, just south from the Russian border. A capital of the small principality in the Middle Ages, the town was revived by Peter the Great who transferred the hetman’s capital from Baturin here in 1708. Under the last hetmans of Ukraine, the town was remodeled in the baroque style. Subsequently it declined in consequence of frequent fires.

The town of Sumy has a rich musical heritage. It was once home to famous composers such as, Dmytro Bortniansky and Maksym Berezovsky.

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