Speleology in Ukraine

There is always something new to discover about our planet; we never stop learning and exploring new wonders of nature. Above ground, the mountains, rivers, volcanoes, marine life, animals and birds keep us mesmerized, but what few know is that there is a world underground that is worth exploring and studying. Speleology is the study of caves and other underground karsts. What interests speleologists is the history, physical structures and the life forms that are found in these underground realms. Speleology and caving go hand in hand, becoming an attraction in Ukraine and an activity that many enjoy.

Both speleology and caving have raised public awareness regarding the intricate world of caves that continue to evolve. Speleologists use the fields of biology, cartography, geology, chemistry, meteorology and physics to explore and research caves. Cavers often assist speleologists in gathering vital information during their expeditions. The Crimea is known as the birthplace of speleology in Ukraine and is still the most popular location for cavers and speleologists. With more than a thousand caves to explore, visitors to the country are encouraged to take on the challenge of caving and explore a dark world that is filled with beauty and unexpected surprises. Most of the caves in Crimea are categorized as small, while forty-nine fall into the category of big caves. To describe a cave as big, the cave generally has a length of more than five hundred meters and is a hundred meters and deeper. Krasnaya and Soldatskaya stand out from the other caves, with being more than five hundred meters deep and more than five thousand meters in length. Krasnaya, or the Red Cave, has been the focus of speleologists for many years now.

The climate and animal life within each cave is different. In Red Cave numerous staggering discoveries have been made, such as river systems, a waterfall and beautiful limestone plateaus. Adventure tour operators in Ukraine, especially Crimea, offer visitors the opportunity to explore the mysteries and wonders of the caves. Each party is accompanied by experienced instructors and speleologists, and travel with tents and food supplies as some trips can last for a couple of days, depending on the requirements of visitors. Speleology and caving is an educational adventure that will open the doors to new ecosystems and a world few have the privilege of exploring.