Lviv Brewery Museum

Every city across the world has at least one attribute or feature that either defines the city. When it comes to the city of Lviv, in Ukraine, beer making is the industry that the city is famous for. It has been documented that Lviv Beer has been brewed in this city for centuries, dating back to 1715, making it the oldest, most popular beer in all of Ukraine. To document the history of beer making in Lviv and highlight the industry that has been a major economic contributor to the city, the Lviv Brewery Museum was established, and it is a recommended attraction.

The Lviv Brewery Museum is located on the grounds and is run by a brewery. The museum is divided into a variety of different exhibitions, and there are guided tours available approximately every half an hour. English visitors, who have missed the start of the tour, will be able to navigate the museum on their own, as boards and informational posters are both in Ukrainian and English, describing the exhibits in the finest of detail.

The very first room that visitors will enter at the museum is the Lviv Beer Memorial Room. This room has a wonderful collection of all labels and beer brands that have been produced from the Soviet times onwards, giving the visitor insight into the diversity of the brewery. Visitors will also be able to view a model of the original brewery, as well as wax figures of the monks who established the brewery. Other exhibits include beer mugs from around the world, in all their shapes and forms, depicting how beer mugs have changed over the years. The beer bottle exhibition is extremely fascinating, showing how beer bottles have evolved. There are video displays to watch, artworks to admire and even the old brewery machinery that once produced the Lviv Beer.

Even beer barrels are on display at the Brewery Museum, so visitors can see how beer was transported. For beer lovers, the most exciting part of the tour is right at the end, when a tour of the Lviv Brewery Museum can be ended off with a round of beer tasting.