Explore Kreschatik Street

Once the hunting ground for princes and nobleman, Kreschatik used to be known for its magnificent landscapes, lush valleys and sparkling rivers. Construction on the site began in the eighteenth century as dwellings began to take shape on the land, with historical buildings such as the Kiev Theater the first to be built in the city in 1805. By 1837 Kreschatik was considered to be one of the most modern streets in Ukraine, and has retained its popularity as a landmark of the city and a well-known tourist destination.

As the street became paved and architectural wonders began to line the chestnut tree filled Kreschatik, it developed into a playground for the rich and famous. It is still synonymous with luxury, elegance and high fashion. During both World War I and World War II, the street came into the line of fire and was almost completely destroyed. Fortunately, reconstruction efforts were begun immediately after the war came to an end in 1943 and saw to it that the street became a little wider and buildings began to take higher forms.

Kreschatik was also always ahead of the news, having newspapers from Moscow, Belgium and other countries and cities delivered to the shops and home owners living along the street. Its charm and refined street lights can still be viewed to today. Even though the historical buildings are still decorating the street, it has continued to be a trendy site as visitors will find the latest fashions and most exquisite restaurants situated here. Confectioneries, hotels and department stores provide the best Kiev has to offer, and is as popular with locals as it is with tourists.

Other attractions on Kreschatik include the National Philharmonic, trade buildings, international banking institutions, the Stolipin Monument, the Alexander the Liberator Monument, Nezavisimosti Square, European Square, Franko Theater and the Verkhovna Rada. Kreschatik is more than just an attraction or street lined with history and wonder. It is the pride of Kiev and a way of life to many. Visitors to Kiev are recommended to stroll down Kreschatik, where they will be able to experience the heritage of the city, as well as the style of the high society in Ukraine.