A Visit to the Pototsky Palace Museum

Ukraine is a beautiful country with many lovely places worth visiting. Its cultural and historical legacy is generally the main theme of attractions, although natural attractions abound too. If you are planning a visit to this stunning country soon, one of the places you might consider visiting is the Pototsky Palace Museum.

The Pototsky Palace Museum in Ukraine combines art, culture and history in one great location. The building itself is an example of late historical architecture and it is generally considered to be one of the most interesting architectural monuments in Lviv. Yuzef Pototsky (1817-1889), the viceregent of the kingdoms of Galicia and Lodomeria, commissioned French architect L Dauvergne to design the beautiful palace. The actual building of the palace took place under the watchful eye of Yu Tsybulskyi between 1888 and 1890. Today the Pototsky Palace is a shining example of the architecture of that period. Its interiors exhibit King Luis XVI architectural flourishes and the halls are decorated with artificial marble, moldings, mirrors and gilding. The fireplaces are lavish, marble items with golden bronze decorations. When one looks up, you notice that even the ceiling wasn’t ignored in this highly decorative palace. as silk and varnished moldings were used to create what might be termed a functional work of art. Just exploring the many different floors of this building is a great journey in itself. However, the first floor of the Pototsky Palace has something of particular interest in it.

On the first floor of the Potosky Palace Museum in Ukraine, you will find the Lviv Art Gallery. The palace was chosen as a display place for the immense collection of the Lviv Gallery in 2001. Today you can see a selection of the some fifteen thousand objects belonging to the Lviv Art Gallery at the museum. While most of the items are generally carefully stored away, a great and immense selection of items is always on display in this perfect location. In many ways, the Pototsky Palace Museum is one of Ukraine’s finest legacies. If you visit you will see an exquisite collection of European art from the 15th to 18th centuries. Visitors can choose to take a tour of the palace or simply visit the art exhibition on the first floor and admission prices differ for children and adults. So visit this great attraction at 15 Kopernika Street, Lviv, the next time you visit Ukraine.