The Odessa Regional History Museum

History fanatics - one and all - The Odessa Regional History Museum is calling you! Come journey back in time at this marvelous Ukrainain museum.

The exhibits in the first hall of the Odessa Regional History Museum provide information about the historic events that took place in the Northern Black-Sea-Coast Regions. You will see a variety of interesting weapons, antique paintings, documents, and household equipment. There is much to learn about the traditions and behavior of the diverse people who lived through the different generations.

Further interesting topics considered at the Odessa Regional History Museum are the many different historical wars that took place through the years.

On the 2nd floor of the History Museum you will see exhibits of many different engravings, documents, portraits, medals. This will tell you more about the economic development of the city, the financing industry and trading done by banks. The exposition shows the different bills of exchange as well as check books and banknotes.

Also on display at the Odessa Regional History Museum is the railway line called Balta. It was opened in 1865. This was the beginning of the construction of transport routes connecting Odessa with other regions in Ukraine and beyond.

Other displays in the Odessa Regional History Museum reflect on a time long passed where Odessa rose up against any who tried to take this rich fertile territory; some of these opportunist were the Mongolians, the Lithuanians and Turks.

Another display also tells about the fight of the Ukrainian people against enslavers. Light canoes, old weaponry, kettle-drums, battle drums, service medals and other exhibits tell about their victorious actions.

There are halls dedicated to the events of World War II where you will see legendary ships, numerous documents and photographs that tell about the great courage of those against Hitler’s forces.

If you appreciate history then come to the Odessa Regional Museum, you will not be disappointed.

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