Arkadia – The Suburb in Odessa That Never Sleeps

Visitors to Odessa flock to the beach-side suburb of Arkadia, where the days are filled with excitement and fun, and the nights never end. It is located approximately fifteen minutes from Odessa’s city center and is known to be the boulevard for parties, festivities and nightclubs in Arkadia. For the young and spirited who come to Odessa, Arkadia is a part of Odessa that few want to miss out on; one of the extremely popular attractions in Ukraine.

During summer, Arkadia comes alive with visitors, tourists and locals who add to the festive atmosphere and the jubilant party fever that grips everyone who comes here. When entering the boulevard, visitors are usually fascinated and astounded at the vast variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs that are lined up one after the other. The beach is visible from most of the restaurants, and while the best tables are usually reserved for regular or celebrity clientele, visitors will still be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach while being pampered by friendly staff and dining on good food. Many of the restaurants have interesting themes, which gives visitors a great choice in cuisine and ambiance. It is the attention to detail and importance of service delivery that makes Arkadia rank among the top attractions in Ukraine.

The nightlife in Odessa is spectacular, and it is all thanks to the marvelous nightclubs in Arkadia. To visitors it is always an unforgettable experience, but to Arkadia it is a way of life. Nightclubs in Arkadia – such as the Kokos, Itaka and Assol – all have their own unique themes and events ensuring that clubbers never get bored or disappointed. The Itaka Club, for example, transports visitors back to ancient Greece and hosts Russian Pop Concerts once a week. Club Assol is built from the inside-out to look like a massive ship that reminds you of the days when pirates ruled the ocean. Not surprisingly, they specialize in seafood and also host a wide variety of theme parties and events each week.

For everyone that enjoys the thrill and excitement of the night, Arkadia has a little something for everyone. It is where people meet and everyone speaks the same language. It is the language of fun, dance, rhythm and laughter and makes for an unforgettable and memorable experience. So if you want to work on that tan, enjoy a relaxing massage, hit the water or just party the night away, make sure to visit the heart of Odessa – a beach-front hideaway named Arkadia.

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