Tyoschin Most – Bridge of History and Humour

Tyoschin Most is an attractive little footbridge which is a popular attraction in Odessa and is also one of the most featured backgrounds in wedding photos for people living in the area. The inclusion of this little attraction in wedding photographs is certainly appropriate since its construction was also tied to matrimony. Tyoschin Most in Ukraine makes for an interesting detour on any travel itinerary.

You will be able to find Tyoschin Most when you make your way to the western end of Odessa’s Boulevard. The bridge is nearby the majestic Count Vorontsov Palace which is an attraction in its own right. Near the palace grounds you will find a stunning Grecian colonnade which frames a memorable view of the harbor and the bay. The colonnade makes for memorable pictures and it’s worth trying to take a few before continuing to the next stop on your travel itinerary. Virtually right next to the palace is the Tyoschin Most. This small footbridge was built to provide transport over the gorge during the 1950s. The name of the bridge can be loosely translated as ‘Mother-in-law’s Bridge’ and it is said that the considerate son-in-law who built the bridge did so in order to enable his mother-in-law to visit him and his wife more easily. Some version of the story also state that the bridge meant that his mother would have little or no excuse to stay overnight since the journey back home was no longer dangerous or lengthy.

Near the bridge’s entrance there is a watering well and a sculpture of a girl holding a jar. The entire attraction is very appealing and it is often referred to as being a ‘Piece of Old Odessa’. It is a favorite backdrop for wedding photos and many newlywed couples in Odessa often come here for this purpose – you may even see one or two when you are visiting! So take the time to visit this interesting attraction the next time you visit Odessa.

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