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  • Castles

    Livadia Palace

    The beautiful Livadia Palace was a favorite summer refuge of the last remaining Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and is located in Livadiya, Crimea, in the southern part of Ukraine. It was here that many memorable times were spent with his family before their untimely death by the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution.

  • Odessa Oblast


    Kilia, or Novo Kilia meaning “New Chilia”, is a relatively small city in comparison to many others that lie within the province of the Odessa Oblast, south-western Ukraine. It is along the beautiful northern shores of the Danube Delta that you will find Kilia, an administrative center for the district of the Kiliysky Raion. On the opposite side of the southern banks of Romania lies the town ...

  • Mykolayiv Oblast


    Mykolaiv was originally founded in 1789 by Novorossiya Knyaz Potemkin, the Russian Governor General at the time. Initially it was to act as a naval base and shipyard known simply as the “New Shipyard on the Ingul River”. Later it was renamed in commemoration of the day Ochakov was captured by the Russian troops on December 6 of 1788, just thirteen days before the day of Saint Nicholas. This ...

  • Sumy Oblast


    The Ukrainian town of Hlukhiv, with an approximate population of 35,000, has been inhabited from the 5th century. Archaeologists have confirmed this, but the town was only mentioned in documents from the year 1152. In 1644, the town of Hlukhiv, received its Magdeburg Rights. Peter the Great then went on to transform the town, located in the Sumy Oblast, into the capital for the Hetman. ...

  • Kiev Oblast


    Situated on the Stuhna River in the Kyiv Oblast, Vasylkiv is a beautiful Ukrainian city with a long and compelling history. Today, the city serves as the administrative center of the Vasylkivskyi Raion (district). It enjoys picturesque surroundings and a stunning riverside location that only adds to its appeal. Perhaps this is what has helped to make Vasylkiv in Ukraine such a large city, ...