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    First of all, it should be recalled that Catholicism in Ukraine is represented by several structures. The most numerous of them are the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in addition, the diocese of the Roman Catholic Church operates in Ukraine.

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    Christianity, in particular, Orthodoxy, was in the center of the cultural and social life of Ukrainians throughout all centuries.

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    Religion and Churches

    As with most European countries, Ukrainians were originally a pagan nation of idol worshippers. In 988 AD, Prince Vladimir the Great of Kiev accepted Orthodox Christianity and brought the entire country under the influence of the Byzantine Empire. The period was characterized by mass baptisms when many of the Prince’s subjects converted to Christianity. Despite changes over the past 1000 ...

  • Folk culture

    Since Ukraine is geographically located between Europe and Asia, much of its culture exhibits both Eastern and Western influences. Over the years it has been invariably influenced by movements such as those brought about during the Byzantine Empire and the Renaissance. Today, the country is somewhat culturally divided with the western regions bearing a stronger European influence and the ...

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    Since ancient times, religion has taken one of the most important places in Ukrainian culture.

  • Famous People

    There are many famous people in Ukraine who have a large following, not only in their own country, but also in other parts of the world. Their achievements may encompass a variety of fields but they are loved and celebrated by their people and fans across educational and cultural divides. Many famous people from Ukraine have worked really hard to reach their various accomplishments and some ...

  • Tours

    There are a great many tours available in Ukraine that will bring an additional element of excitement to your travels and ensure that you explore all the aspects of the town, or city, you are visiting. There are also tour operators offering specialized tours depending on what interests you.

  • Turka

    Lviv Oblast is known as the pearl of Europe and enjoys a splendid combination of past and present cultures, and lying in the depths of this Ukrainian treasure is the town of Turka. The region is known to experience mild summers and severe winters and in autumn it rains a lot, making this area attractive for harvesting. Lviv Oblast lies between the Baltic and the Black Seas, creating an axis ...

  • Balta

    Balta is a relatively small city in comparison to most that are based in the province of the Odessa Oblast, which lies in the south-west of Ukraine. Presently it acts as the administrative center for the district of the Baltsky Raion located about 200 kilometers from the capital of Odessa with a population of over 20,000 people.